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Fighting for Denver’s Future:

An Affordable, Thriving Economy

Denver deserves a mayor with experience creating jobs and keeping costs down.  

  • Eliminate city regulations that are blocking affordable housing for Denverites.
  • Denver deserves an efficient and well-funded permit department that reviews their permits in a timely manner.
  • Get corruption and money out of the process: Denver deserves to have confidence that our zoning laws serve the public, not special interests. 

The Problem:

  • The cost of living in Denver is increasingly out-of-reach for the average Denver family: Inflation in Denver has been nearly 7% over the past year. House prices are 70% higher than in 2015 and rent has increased 36%.   

The Solution: Denver deserves a mayor with experience creating jobs and keeping costs down.  

  • I’m a blue-collar job creator who knows how to unleash Denver’s economic potential. Denver deserves a mayor who empowers job creators by reducing the regulatory barriers that prevent blue-collar business formation.
  • I will prioritize investment in the infrastructure that powers our economy: Denver deserves roads and bridges that help us reach our economic potential. Unfortunately, they are currently a hindrance. Our residents shouldn’t spend 36 hours and $1,200 extra in gas each year due to traffic. We should start by modernizing our traffic systems by optimizing traffic lights to allow continuous driving on major roads. We should refocus our infrastructure spending on deferred maintenance instead of costly high-profile projects.
  • I will streamline the city budget. The era of pandemic-era stimulus is over and federal handouts are starting to dry out. It’s time for Denver to adjust to that reality by eliminating wasteful spending in the city budget. It’s time to eliminate the Department of Storytelling that creates random documentaries ‘watched’ by few, the universal basic income to homeless, and other wasteful spending. 
Fighting for Denver's future.
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