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Fighting for Denver’s Future

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Fighting for Denver’s Future: Safe Streets

Denver deserves leadership willing to confront crime head on.

  • Make our city safer by adding 400 more police officers to the Denver Police Department. 
  • Improve policing with more training and better funding for law enforcement.
  • Stand against personal recognizance bonds that put violent criminals back on the streets.
  • Fix long 911 response times to make sure our residents get the immediate help they deserve.

Read Andy’s plan.

Fighting for Denver’s Future: A Solution to Homelessness

Denver deserves leadership with the resolve to address our homelessness crisis head on.

  • Enforce the camping ban to get homeless into drug addiction and mental health services.
  • End programs that contribute to homelessness—including safe-injection sites and universal basic income for the homeless.
  • Increase support for programs that address the root causes of most chronic homelessness—mental illness and addiction.
  • Build more affordable housing—no one should ever be forced into homelessness because they can’t afford rent or the price of a starter home.

Read Andy’s plan.

Fighting for Denver’s Future: Affordable Housing

Denver deserves a mayor with the business experience to eliminate regulations, fix Denver’s permitting department, and get more affordable housing built.

  • Eliminate city regulations that are blocking affordable housing for Denverites.
  • Denver deserves an efficient and well-funded permit department that reviews their permits in a timely manner.
  • Get corruption and money out of the process: Denver deserves to have confidence that our zoning laws serve the public, not special interests.

Read Andy’s plan.

Fighting for Denver’s Future: An Affordable, Thriving Economy

Denver deserves a mayor with experience creating jobs and keeping costs down.

  • Reduce the regulatory barriers that prevent blue-collar business formation.
  • Prioritize investment in the infrastructure that powers our economy.
  • Streamline the city budget and eliminate wasteful spending in the city budget.

Read Andy’s plan.

Fighting for Denver's future.
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